Daii At The Beach

I shot these in Long Branch, NJ with my Nikon D300s and I also shot some on film and Polaroid stock.


PORTRAITS: Laura & Kieran

Shot at sunset on the steps to the 8th Avenue Post Office in Manhattan.

The rooftop pictures are shot in DUMBO, Brooklyn.


Woodland Bridal

makeup artist - Lee Moss Filson
hair stylist - Tommy Equality Kurz
wardrobe stylist - Garry Howard
photo assistant - John Rebecchi


Models Latina: Kristina Rivera & Dariany Santana

Kristina Rivera

Dariany Santana

John Rebecchi during lighting tests


Snow Daii

Shooting during a blizzard. Fun times! There are only two shots because the shoot lasted 15 minutes. The blizzard was starting. It was windy and 17 degrees. Dailyn was such a trooper. And my camera stopped working because of the cold. But we got some cool shots.

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